Ancient Greece

Primary school learning resources to support the teaching of Ancient Greece in History.

‘Who were the Ancient Greeks and how do we use their ideas today?’

This collection includes a fascinating assortment of replica artefacts, which help to recreate the daily life, sport, democracy and culture of Ancient Greece. It includes artefacts representing the beginnings of democracy and the history of medicine.

All the statues and busts in the Ancient Greece collection have been imported from Greece and are replicas of museum pieces.

The Ancient Greece and Olympic Games collections may be purchased together at a reduced rate of £625.


Contents of the Ancient Greece Box –

  • Full Size Ancient Greek Helmet
  • Display Stand for Helmet
  • Bust of Alexander the Great
  • Laminate picture of Alexander the Great
  • Statue of Zeus
  • Theatrical Mask
  • Greek Owl
  • Bust of Hippocrates
  • Bust of Pythagoras
  • Statue of Nike – Goddess of Victory
  • Ancient Greek Architectural Column
  • Phaistos Disc on Stand
  • Replica Juror’s ballots
  • Ancient Greek Coin
  • Ancient Greek Jewellery – Pendant
  • Replica Ancient Greek game of Five Lines
  • Miniature Corinthian Helmet
  • Parthenon Frieze from the British Museum
  • Painted Pottery replicated from a museum artefact
  • Laminate map of Ancient Greece
  • Information Pages – on memory stick

(Notes and information pages provided with the collections are gratis and do not form any part of the sale)

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