• Religion

    Promotes the understanding of religious artefacts in worship, ceremony, rites of passage and family life

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  • Celebrations

    Celebrating a wider variety of festivals to reflect the multicultural nature of British society today

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  • History

    Relive Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Tudor times, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Maya, Stone Age times & Aztecs times

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  • Geography

    Collections stimulate and enrich learning by bringing the locality into the classroom and providing stunning displays

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  • Themed Boxes

    Theme boxes you will find a fascinating variety of artefacts to handle and investigate

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Welcome to Artefacts to Order – Suppliers of Boxed Teaching Resources

Artefacts to order is one of the leading Suppliers of Educational and Teaching Resources in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Academies. We also supply Library services and all educational establishments.

Our Educational Learning Resources and materials include KS1 and KS2 Supplies for Teacher Resources and Support which make Excellent Classroom Aids

Our boxed collections of artefacts are carefully chosen to support the teaching of History and Religious Education as well as a large variety of Themes and Topics covered by the National Curriculum

Popular collections for History include: Romans, Mayans and Aztecs, Stone Age, Anglo-Saxon, Normans, Vikings, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Tudors, World War Two, Victorians, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

Religious Education covers the six major Faiths which include Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism. We also offer celebration collections such as Easter, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid and Hajj.

A variety of topic and themed boxes are available which make Interesting displays. Weddings, Light in Religion, Food in Religion, Olympics and Clothes in Religion are available, however We can compile bespoke collections for many other subjects.

We add new boxed artefact collections regularly, so if there is a subject, topic or theme that is not covered in our current boxes, please enquire.

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