World War II

Primary Resources to support the teaching of World War II / WW2

World War II started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Great Britian then declared war on Germany. Many countries were involved and over 50 million people were killed.

Many children who lived in big cities were evacuated to the countryside.

People had to carry gas masks to protect themselves and there were air raid shelters in many major cities. Everybody was issued with a ration book which was used for food, clothing, furniture and fuel.

This collection includes artefacts for an informative display and to promote discussion on the biggest war in living history.

Many of the replica artefacts in this collection have been sourced from museums in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, making them as authentic as possible.



Contents of the World War II box –

  • Statue of Winston Churchill
  • Selection of ephemera including – Ration Book, Evacuees tag, public information leaflets, food recipes, children’s newspaper, magazine, school essay, miscellaneous images & paperwork.
  • Map – Battle of Normandy
  • Replica War time Newspaper
  • Union Jack Bunting
  • Acme Cricket Clicker
  • WW2 Combat Infantry Badge USA 1943
  • Evacuee’s Suitcase with WW2 propaganda stickers
  • Replica 1940’s Clothing
  • 1940’s Toy – Slinky
  • Wooden Yo Yo
  • Toy – Skipping Rope
  • WW2 Colouring posters
  • RAF Teddy Bear
  • Carrier Pigeon
  • Replica WW2 Respirator (Gas Mask)
  • Replica WW2 Hurricaine Lamp
  • Sand Bag
  • Soldier’s Mess Tin
  • Soldier’s Water Bottle
  • Soldier’s Mug
  • Spitfire Model
  • Original King George Vl Coin
  • WW2 Aircraft identification Poster
  • WW2 Ship identification Poster
  • Selection of Campaign Medals – War Medal 1939-45, Atlantic Star, Pacific Star & Air Crew Europe Star
  • Full size replica of Victoria Cross – awarded 182 times for action in WW2
  • Poppies for remembrance
  • Various laminates
  • Information Pages – on usb memory stick / Notes and information pages provided with the collections are gratis and do not form any part of the sale.

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*We cannot guarantee that every item listed will be included in the box as some items are subject to availability. Where this is the case we will substitute the unavailable item with a suitable replacement