Toys of the Past

Nursery and Primary school resources to support the teaching of Toys of the Past.

Take a trip down memory Lane with this box of toys from days gone by.

Contents include a selection of toys used from a period in the past before technology entered the toy industry and forever changed the way children play.

Children throughout time have always enjoyed playing with toys. What sort of toys did they play with a hundred years ago?

How are the toys similar to what we have today?

Who might have played with this toy?

What are the toys made of?

This collection of toys & games makes a fabulous colourful and informative display.

The box is designed to stimulate and enrich learning. The contents of this collection are especially selected to handle, observe, draw, use, question and write about, thus making them an excellent stimulus for learning.

The picture shows a good selection of the items in the collection, but please see the contents list for everything you will receive in the box.




Contents of the Toys of the Past Collection –

  • Traditional Humming Top
  • Jack in the Box
  • Carousel Music Box
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Wooden Cup & Ball
  • Slinky Spring Toy
  • Wooden Yo Yo
  • Skipping Rope
  • Diabolo Sticks
  • Wooden Grogger (noise maker)
  • Wooden Noughts & Crosses Game
  • Wooden Abacus
  • Puppet from Punch & Judy Show
  • Dolly Pegs & Instructions how to make a Peg Doll
  • Acrobatic Monkey
  • Traditional Board Game – Snakes & Ladders
  • Miniature Rocking Horse
  • Information pages – on memory stick

(Notes and information pages provided with the collections are gratis and do not form any part of the sale)

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£295.00 + VAT

*We cannot guarantee that every item listed will be included in the box as some items are subject to availability. Where this is the case we will substitute the unavailable item with a suitable replacement