Diwali is the Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’
This festival is held in honour of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity and Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom and good luck. Lights known as Diwas are burnt to make the Gods feel welcome.

Diwali celebrates the return of Rama and Sita, in a story known as ‘The Ramayana’.
Diwali is also celebrated by Sikhs.

The Diwali box contains artefacts in celebration of the festival that shows good conquering evil and light overcoming darkness.

The picture shows a good selection of the items in the collection, but please see the contents list for everything you will receive in the box.



Contents of The Diwali Box –

  • Diwali Greetings Card
  • Large Murti Statue of the Gods of Diwali
  • Large Murti Statue of Ganesh riding Elephant
  • Murti Plaque of Lakshmi – goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth.
  • Diwa – Homes are decorated with diwa as a sign of the triumph of good over evil
  • Pooja Bell for worship
  • Shree Yantra – Sacred picture depicting Hindu Gods used for worship during Diwali.
  • Rangoli Pattern Book
  • Rangoli Stencil
  • Mehndi Pattern Book
  • Mehndi Stencil
  • Decorative Bangles
  • Sticks for dancing the Dandya Ras
  • Ghungroo – Set of Ankle bells
  • A Diwali Gift (surprise package!)
  • Decoration with Shisha – The shisha (mirror) decoration reflects evil away and brings the good.
  • Toran – used to decorate doorways at Diwali
  • Chapati Board and Rolling Pin – Food is an important part of Diwali celebrations
  • Information Pages – on memory stick

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£295.00 + VAT

*We cannot guarantee that every item listed will be included in the box as some items are subject to availability. Where this is the case we will substitute the unavailable item with a suitable replacement