Primary school learning resources to support the teaching of the Romans in History.

The Roman Empire was one of the most important empires in history lasting over a thousand years. Under the reigns of the emperors Rome’s influence spread and the empire expanded through the conquering force of the powerful Roman army.

Rights and privileges of citizenship, government, security and justice system attracted countries to ally themselves with Rome. Despite the fall of the empire, Roman civilisation has had an enormous impact and influence on our culture.

Many of the artefacts in this collection have been made for re-enactment groups which make them as authentic as possible.


Contents of the Roman Deluxe box –

  • Full size replica of a Roman Officer’s helmet with plume
  • Display stand for the helmet
  • Roman oil lamp
  • Roman coins
  • Metal strigil- for scraping the dirt off in the baths
  • Roman wax tablets and stylus
  • Replica Roman Pottery based on Museum Exhibit
  • Model of Roman Galley Ship
  • Chatelaine – Instrument for personal cleanliness
  • Sponge on a stick – Roman equivalent of toilet paper
  • Replica jewellery – Metal torque bangle
  • Replica jewellery – Pendant
  • Replica Roman spoon
  • Replica Roman Dagger
  • Replica Roman bath house sandals
  • Plain papyrus
  • Original mosaic piece from Archaeological Dig
  • Bust of Julius Caesar
  • Bust of Hadrian
  • Miniature Gladiator Helmet
  • Roman Game – Nine Men’s Morris
  • Roman Excavation Kit
  • Poster of Roman Emperors
  • Information Sheets – on usb memory stick


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