Primary school learning resources to support the teaching of Weddings.

This colourful artefact collection has been put together to represent the multicultural society in which we live.

There are six Wedding Figures from various cultures that may be interchanged to show diversity.

The picture shows a selection of the items in the collection, but please see the contents list for everything you will receive in the box.



Contents of the Wedding Box –

  • Asian Bride Figurine
  • Asian Groom Figurine
  • Afro-Caribbean Bride Figurine
  • Afro-Caribbean Groom Figurine
  • Caucasian Bride Figurine
  • Caucasian Groom Figurine
  • Selection of Wedding Cards representing each Faith and culture
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Wedding Candle
  • Wedding Garlands
  • Bride’s Bouquet
  • Wedding Veil
  • Jewish Wedding Kippah (head covering)
  • Greek Orthodox Wedding Stefana (crowns)
  • Wedding Jewellery
  • Hindu / Sikh Wedding Coconut
  • Hindu Wedding Turban
  • Henna design Book and Stencil
  • Decoration for Sikh Turban
  • Selection of laminated Wedding pictures
  • Information Book (Gratis) – Wedding Days (covers six major faiths)

The book provided with this collection is gratis and does not form any part of the sale

No payments are taken on this website. We offer instant credit to Government funded organisations provided the order is authorised and has an order number. Payment to be made by credit transfer or cheque – We do not accept card payments

£345.00 + VAT

*We cannot guarantee that every item listed will be included in the box as some items are subject to availability. Where this is the case we will substitute the unavailable item with a suitable replacement