The Shang Dynasty & Ancient China

Primary school resources to support the teaching of The Shang Dynasty and Ancient China.

The Chinese empire was one of the most enduring empires on Earth.

During its long history, 13 major dynasties rose and fell. China was ruled by a different family of descendants in each dynastic period.

The Shang Dynasty was the second of the Chinese Dynasties, but the first to have written records of its existence. It started after the Xia Dynasty, around 1600BC and ended 1046BC. Information on the Shang period was written about by Ancient Chinese historians from future dynasties.

The Ancient Chinese people were responsible for many inventions including Gunpowder, Silk Cloth, Porcelain, Paper, Kites and many other artefacts used in today’s society.

Many of the artefacts in this box have been imported from China. The collection provides an interesting display as well as an insight into the life of this fascinating culture.

The picture shows a selection of the items in the collection, but please see the contents list for everything you will receive in the box.

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Contents of The Shang Dynasty & Ancient China Collection –

  • Information Pages on memory stick (gratis)
  • Selection of laminated Information Sheets

Shang Dynasty

  • Replica piece of Shang Dynasty Bronze
  • Millet – Shang farmers grew a range of crops, the most important was millet
  • Scroll Painting
  • Statue of Chinese God
  • Cowrie Shells – used as a type of currency
  • Small piece of Jade – used for trade

Zhou Dynasty

  • Model of The Great Wall of China
  • Bamboo picture of Yin and Yang – representing the start of Taoism

Qin Dynasty

  • Set of Terracotta Warrior Statues
  • Terracotta Warrior Dig out Kit

Han Dynasty

  • Large Statue of a Chinese Foo Dog
  • Silk Cocoon Fibre
  • Piece of Chinese Silk Fabric – used by Nobility & Royal Family (Can be used as table cloth for display)

The Disunion Period

  • Set of metal coins

Sui Dynasty

  • Statue of a Chinese Laughing Buddha

Tang Dynasty

  • Chinese printing Block
  • Chinese calligraphy brush
  • Xuan calligraphy paper

Song Dynasty

  • Miniature model of an Iron Pagoda
  • Chinese Tea in Caddy

Yuan Dynasty

  • Dragon figurine – Important symbol of strength since the Shang Dynasty

Ming Dynasty

  • Replica Ming Vase (Large)
  • Replica Ming Vase (Small)

Qing (Manchu) Dynasty

  • Piece of Chinese Mun Shou Porcelain

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