Essential Religion

The Essential Religion collection includes a selection of artefacts that represent the six major faiths – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

This collection of RE teaching resources is designed to promote the understanding of the significance of religious artefacts in worship, ceremony, rites of passage and family life.

The set of artefacts comes with six wooden symbols representing each of the major faiths.

There is also a set of 9 informative posters.


Contents of the Essential Religion Collection –

  • Set of 9 Posters ‘Great Religions of the World’
  • Information pages on usb memory stick

Set of symbols of the six major faiths –

  • Cross – Christianity
  • Star of David – Judaism
  • Mandala – Buddhism
  • Crescent and Star – Islam
  • Aum – Hinduism
  • Khanda – Sikhism


  • Statue of Jesus
  • Statue of Mary


  • Menorah Set with candles and Dreidels
  • Kippah (Head Covering)


  • Buddha Statue
  • Prayer Flags


  • Topi (Head covering for Males)
  • Hijab (Head covering for Females)
  • Selection of essential reading booklets towards the understanding of Islam


  • Murti Statue of Ganesh
  • Murti Statue of Shiva


  • Five K’s of Sikhism – Turban length (Kesh), Kanga (comb), Kara (Bangle), Kacchera (shorts) and Laminate of Kirpan.

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