Mayan & Aztecs

Primary school resources to support the teaching of Mayan and Aztecs.

In the 16th Century, explorers in the Americas encountered a great civilization.

A territory controlled by the Aztecs and the Maya. The region was inhabited by people whose great achievements included masterpieces of art, spectacular cities and a unique approach to life.

The Mayans are believed to be the first to discover cocoa and learnt that the beans inside the cocoa pods could be made into a liquid that would become a treat for us all!
Many of the artefacts in this box have been imported from Mexico. The collection provides an interesting display as well as an insight into life of this fascinating civilization.


Contents of the Mayan & Aztec box –

Please note – Due to the availability of imported Mexican pottery, the contents of this box may vary. The list below shows the contents of a typical Mayan & Aztec collection. (Updated March  2024)

  • Mayan Pyramid Model
  • God of Maize
  • Jaguar Clay Codice Stamp
  • Replica Mayan / Aztec calendar
  • Life and Death Mask
  • Day of the Dead Mask
  • Mayan Dress Plaque
  • Mayan Flask
  • Chacmool Statue
  • Triple Life Mask
  • Zapotec Urn
  • Eclipse Plaque
  • Set of photographs of Mayan ruins
  • Picture of a Mayan Pyramid
  • Cocoa beans
  • Wooden chocolate whisk
  • Corn Cob
  • Information Pages – on memory stick

(Notes and information pages provided with the collections are gratis and do not form any part of the sale)

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*We cannot guarantee that every item listed will be included in the box as some items are subject to availability. Where this is the case we will substitute the unavailable item with a suitable replacement